Source code for flask_excel


    A flask extension that provides one application programming interface
    to read and write data in different excel file formats

    :copyright: (c) 2015 by Onni Software Ltd.
    :license: New BSD License
from flask import Flask, Request, Response
import pyexcel as pe
import pyexcel_webio as webio

[docs]class ExcelRequest(webio.ExcelInputInMultiDict, Request): def get_file_tuple(self, field_name): filehandle = self.files[field_name] filename = filehandle.filename extension = filename.split(".")[1] return extension, filehandle
Flask.request_class = ExcelRequest webio.ExcelResponse = Response from pyexcel_webio import ( make_response, make_response_from_array, make_response_from_dict, make_response_from_records, make_response_from_book_dict, make_response_from_a_table, make_response_from_query_sets, make_response_from_tables ) __VERSION__ = '0.0.3'